Terry Waite CBE has lectured on many cruise ships including QM11-QE11 and many other ocean going liners. However this will be the first time that he has lectured on the River Orwell.

As an Hostage Negotiator he has met numerous infamous people. General Iddy Amin of Uganda and Colonel Gadaffi to mention but two.  During his lecture he will talk about some of his encounters and will also reveal how he managed to endure almost five years of solitary confinement.

Terry has a strong sense of humour and will also tell some revealing stories of his time spend as a special assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

This will be a unique opportunity to listen to and  meet a man who has worked in most of the troubled spots of the world.

Terry is Patron of Felixstowe Book Festival . Be sure to book your passage for this unique Felixstowe Book Festival fringe event.

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Photo courtesy Gemma Levine